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Világanyám [by] Kassák, Lajos


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Világanyám [by] Kassák, Lajos


  • Poems
  • Language: Hungarian
  • Release date: 1921
  • Publisher: Bán-Verlag, Wien
  • Pages: 145

Out of stock

[Mother World – – Poems by Lajos Kassák]
(Versek 1914-1921.) [I-III. könyv.] (Első könyv: 1915. Második könyv: 1916-1920. Harmadik könyv: 1920-1921.) / [(Poems 1914-1921.) [I-III. book]. Book One: 1915 Second Paper. 1916-1920 Third Paper. 1920-1921]
Wien, 1921. Bán-Verlag – (Gesellschaft für Graphische Industrie). 145 p. (139 – 145 p. picture poems) 1 sztl.lev. First edition.
In original illustrated paper, designed by Sándor Bortnyik. Avant-garde work.

Lajos Kassák (1887–1967) was a Hungarian poet, author, painter, theoretician of art; the chief figure of the Hungarian Avant-garde movement.

Cover designed by Sándor Bortnyik (1893–1976) the Hungarian painter and graphic artist. Member of Kassák’s artistic circles. Exhibited his activist, cubist and constructivist works at MA’s exhibitions in Budapest and in Berlin in the Galerie Der Sturm as well. In 1922 Bortnyik went to Weimar where he got connected with the Bauhaus.

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