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Máglyák énekelnek 1919-1920 [by] Kassák, Lajos


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Máglyák énekelnek 1919-1920 [by] Kassák, Lajos


  • Narrative poem
  • Language: Hungarian
  • Release date: 1920
  • Publisher: Bécsi Magyar [Viennese Hungarian], Wien
  • Pages: 119

Out of stock

Máglyák énekelnek 1919-1920 [Bonfires sing 1919-1920] [by] Kassák, Lajos
[Wien, 1920.] Bécsi Magyar. – Vernay N. Johann. 119 p. First edition.
In original illustrated paper, designed by Sándor Bortnyik. The rear nude cover is carefully restored with the same paper. Improved, in good condition. Avant-garde work.

Lajos Kassák (1887–1967) the Hungarian poet, author, painter, theoretician of art and the main figure of the Hungarian Avant-garde. In 1915 he founded the anti-militarist, activist periodical “A tett” (The Deed) in the manner of the German “Die Aktion”. When it was banned in 1916 he founded and edited a new Avant-garde, activist magazine “MA” (Today). In it he published works – among others – by Georg Grosz, Kurt Schwitters, El Lissitzky, Hans Richter, Jean Cocteau, Guillaume Apollinaire, Marc Chagall and László Moholy-Nagy. After the fall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919 Kassák fled to Vienna where he continued to publish “MA” until 1925. He was influenced by the Constructivist movement and he formulated the theoretical agenda of Hungarian Constructivism in his journal. In 1926 Kassák went back to Hungary and continued to publish Avant-garde periodicals “Dokumentum” (Document) in 1926 and later “Munka” (Work) between 1927 and 1938.

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